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Customer Comments

You're my favorite designer!
   ~ Angela Waltz, Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce

I've never known anyone with your depth of proper usage of the English language!
   ~ Bryan Sarff, RFC, Barber Financial Group

You do good work and we sure do appreciate you.
   ~ Pam Whiting, Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce

Excellent work as usual. You are SO detail-oriented!
   ~ Becky Wilson, WDS Marketing & Public Relations

This looks so GRRRRREAT! I'm SO glad you are a proofreader, too....
   ~ Nancy Zurbuchen, Motional Multimedia

I couldn’t have done it without you in the limited time that I had…
   ~ Melanie Mattes, Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce

Thanks for all your insight and feedback. It is always very educational and I can say that I learn something from you every time I get an email.
   ~ Rami Loya, author, Chairman-X

You are the go-to guy, the man of the hour, the guru of graphics!
   ~ Marilyn Oden-McGill, Enviro-Trash Concepts

We were very pleased with your work. You did a wonderful job!
   ~ Katie Swartz, IMDA

Your intuition is impeccable and your work superb. Thank you again.
   ~ David Curry, Mainsail Capital Strategies

Bill ... You're a never-ending good time! You always make us feel good!!
   ~ Vic Ochoa, Appeal Media

Thanks for all the great attention to detail! It is very much appreciated.
   ~ Dan Adler, DA Digital

Thank you so much for designing this ad on such a short notice ... I like your style, humor, and honesty — both are sincerely appreciated!
   ~ Jansen Fredal, Social Suppers Franchise System

Perfect, Bill! You do amazing work.
   ~ Chad Trease, The Trease Group / Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

I really do enjoy working with you. You make it seem so simple.
   ~ Jennifer Parrot, Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce

I trust your judgment completely and have faith that everything you do will be the best.
   ~ Sue Christian, American Society of Anesthesia Technologists and Technicians

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