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Randy Glass StudioRANDY GLASS STUDIO — For more than three decades, the meticulously hand-crafted illustrations created by Randy Glass have brought countless national and international advertising campaigns to life, and have graced the editorial pages of print media throughout the world. Perhaps best known commercially as a portrait artist, Randy has an exceptional aptitude for capturing his subjectís character and essence with carefully nuanced precision. Also, amazingly, he is my brother, and my best friend.

GiveTimeOrMoneyGIVE TIME OR MONEY — Got a minute? Lots of minutes? Perhaps a few bucks burning a hole in your pocket? Want to do something that'll benefit the people with whom you share this planet? This site is the hub for altruistic opportunities of all kinds. Charity starts right here.

cccPhotoArtCCC PHOTO ART — The eye-popping portfolio of KC's very own Candice Calhoun — the best flora photographer I've ever seen! A life-long friend, Candice has combined the painting skills of her mother with the photographic expertise of her father, and the results are truly amazing. Buy her prints; hang them on your wall; cheer up!

WDS Marketing & Public RelationsWDS MARKETING & PUBLIC RELATIONS — WDS is KC's premier PR agency, featuring award-winning marketing, advertising, public relations, and events promotion. The WDS package encompasses marketing strategies, public relations campaigns, media relations programs, innovative brand building and business milestone anniversary celebrations.

ted.comTED — Originally it stood for "Technology, Entertainment, Design." You can become a better person by listening to some of this very diverse collection of hundreds of "TED Talks," presented by the brightest, most creative thinkers on the planet, addressing the TED audience and sharing their wisdom with the world. Stimulate your mind...

WikipediaWIKIPEDIA — Everything you could ever possibly want to know about nearly everything in the known universe. Like to travel? Save the plane fare ... just hit the Random Article button and begin your journey. I've spent hours just letting Wikipedia drive, while I followed along. This is a living, breathing organism ... an encyclopedia written by EVERYONE!

snopesSNOPES — Crazy e-mail rumor? A landfall opportunity from a Nigerian prince? Something that's just too good to be true? Check it out here, FIRST, before forwarding that lame BS to every e-mail address you know!! There is no room for misinformation in the Information Age.

Pay for a mammogramBREAST CANCER — No joke, no scam, no obligation. Go to this site, up to once every 24 hours, and just click the pink button. The site's sponsors pay for mammograms ... mo' clickie, mo' money. You don't have to sign in, you don't have to provide any information ... just click your mouse and move on. Bookmark it. Do it.

Internet Movie DatabaseINTERNET MOVIE DATABASE — Everything you could ever possibly want to know about movies and TV programs ... IMDB has it brilliantly organized, unfailingly accurate. What was the name of that guy who was in that movie with that girl who got divorced from that guy from that TV show, y'know?

Google EarthGOOGLE EARTH — Hands down, the single most amazing FREE software on the planet. You've gotta play with it, to learn what it's capable of. Download it from here and install it ... you will thank me later. Google does it right.

wimp.comWIMP — You could spend the rest of your life here. Video after video after video of cool stuff, from talking dogs to nuclear physics. And that's IT ... no comments, no ratings, no categories. It's simply video, next video, next video, next... With websites like this, NOBODY is allowed to be bored EVER again!

Totally Looks LikeTOTALLY LOOKS LIKE — Ever notice how much George W. Bush looks like Alfred E. Neuman? How much Bill Gates looks like Janet Reno? How much Keith Richards looks like the Cryptkeeper? This site features TONS of those "X looks like Y" combinations, and nearly all of them are funny as hell ... a guaranteed ROFL site!

pandoraPANDORA — Online radio that conforms to YOUR taste in music. You choose a favorite song or artist, and Pandora creates your personalized music list, on the fly. This is the Internet's portal to the Music Genome Project. Contribute; enjoy.

IMGFAVE — Visually, the Best of the Internet! All the coolest stuff you've ever seen, neatly categorized for your viewing pleasure. You can contribute, too! One of the best online time-wasters EVER!

How-To GeekHOW-TO GEEK — If you're one of those people who just isn't satisfied with how things work on your computer, the How-To Geek will teach you how to change it. My favorite source for "cool stuff you can do with your computer." Answers to tech questions you won't find anywhere else!

GoDaddyGoDADDY — is the place to go to register a domain name ... GoDaddy is the place to go for Web hosting. If there are better "deals" somewhere else, I don't care: GoDaddy's PHONE SUPPORT is absolutely the best tech people you will EVER find. I'd never go anywhere else.

refdeskREFDESK— A zillion links to all sorts of amazing reference material. Almanacs, Letterman's Top Ten, translators, news, weather, driving directions, today in history, quotations, games, links to everything you could possibly need, and then some ... you'll be amazed at what it covers. Makes an ideal homepage!

Who's DeadWHO'S DEAD? — If you've ever wondered if some celebrity is still alive, or how old they are, or how long ago they died, cause of death, or celebrity birthdays, or all that kinda stuff ... this is the place to go. A seemingly infinite database of stats. (Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead!)

DictionaryDICTIONARY (AND MORE) — Dictionary, Thesaurus, Encyclopedia, language translation engine, and TONS of other incredible resources. Learn the difference between "your," and "you're" ... untangle the mystery of "their," "there" and "they're." Our beloved English language is gasping on life-support ... please don't let it die.


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