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AlphaBase Inc., is a graphic design studio in Overland Park, Kansas, specializing in text-intensive projects like newsletters, directories and catalogs. We’ve been creating eye-catching, meticulously accurate design projects since 1992 — on-time and under-budget.


Layout/Design — More than 40 years of experience designing anything and everything that’s going to be printed: newsletters, newspaper and magazine ads, brochures and pamphlets, annual reports, membership directories, catalogs, business cards and letterhead, invitations, postcards, flyers, posters, billboards, bulletins and books. And if you’re just not sure exactly WHAT you want to do, AlphaBase will clearly explain all your options, and help you decide.

Grammar Management — Our specialty!! Prodigious command of the English language, offering punctilious proofreading and expert copy-correction and editing, on-the-fly. At AlphaBase, we’re perfectionists at all things pertaining to spelling, grammar and punctuation ... the IDEAL graphic designer for those who lack confidence in their writing skills, or who might be a bit shaky with spelling and grammar. Even less stress on you: Just give us an idea of what you’d like to convey, and we’ll come up with attention-grabbing text that will be exactly what you had in mind, but better.

Photo Restoration — You’ll be amazed at what AlphaBase and Adobe Photoshop can do with those cracked and tattered, tear-stained, sun-bleached old family photos.

AlphaBase has been impressing customers with top-notch graphic design for more than 20 years! AlphaBase president and alpha-geek, Bill Glass, has been in the graphic design and typography industry since 1968. Nothing would please us more than getting an opportunity to impress you with the quality of work we do! Contact Bill today and let’s discuss it! Call 913/484-3825 or click here to send E-MAIL or a TEXT MESSAGE.

fax: 951.266.7287



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